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TouchTec Bricks
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TouchTec Bricks
NOTE: This product has been discontinued but Discovery Toys has a very limited quantity available. I try to remove these items from my web site when they are completely gone, but it's always possible that you might be able to order it here and still not be able to get it. I will let you know and your card will not be charged for it if this happens.

72 soft flexible nubby pads, rods and wheels easily connect together for construction made simple. Easy for little hands to hold. Can connect in a variety of ways.
3 years – primary school
Specifically designed with the following in mind:
Age Range:
Preschool Years
School Years
Learning Pathways:
Motor Skills
Thinking Skills
Expression Skills
Learning Styles:
Kinesthetic: Touch
Visual: Sight
Autism Support:
Independent Play (A)
Pretend Play (F)
Special Needs:
Physical Limitations
Cognitive Skills

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