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Tub Stick-Ups - Letter Catch
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Tub Stick-Ups - Letter Catch
Letter recognition, spelling, and manual dexterity blend together in this water-play fishing game. Toss 96 foam letters into the tub or wading pool, tie the bait (a foam disk) onto the end of a fishing rod string (requires adult assistance), cast the line, and see what letter they can haul in. The bait and letters are made of foam so they stick together when they get wet. The letters can also be stuck to a bathtub wall to form words. Includes 4 rods (for 1 to 4 players), 8 bait disks (4 small & 4 large), 8 fishing lines, and 96 colorful letters.

from 3 years – primary school

  • Letter recognition, in the water or on the wall.
  • With 96 letters, can spell words of various lengths.
  • Can even form simple phrases and sentences.
  • Have a blast fishing select or random letters out of the tub, sharpening motor skills and coordination.
  • Teaches patience and perseverance.
  • Start with the large baits and advance to the small baits.
  • Can play in a sink, bucket or water table.
  • Letters can be used on a flat surface.
  • Trace or stamp with the letters.
  • Use die cut letter sheets as stencils.
  • Many of the letters can stand vertically.
  • Includes 4 rods for multiple players.
  • Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Products
Specifically designed with the following in mind:
Age Range:
Preschool Years
School Years
Learning Pathways:
Motor Skills
Reading and Language Skills
Expression Skills
Learning Styles:
Kinesthetic: Touch
Visual: Sight
Autism Support:
Independent Play (A)
Sustained Engagement (B)
Cooperative Play (C)
Special Needs:
Communication Skills
Cognitive Skills

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